Secretary Message

Syed Nazar Hussain Shah

Indeed it is a great honor and privileged for me to share few words. After assuming the duties as Secretary Cimate Change, Forestry, Environment & Wildlife Department Govt of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa my aim is to build a Sustainable Forest, Climate-resilient, Neat & Clean Environment friendly province, and initiate research based activities to Protect the forest & Wildlife of the province. Forest Cover of the province significantly enhanced through ten Billion Tree Afforestation Project which contributed equally to the protection, preservation and promotion of Forest and Wildlife.. For Sustainable Green Growth we will take political commitment at the highest levels, make smart policies, ensure effective law enforcement and introduce innovative partnerships etc. I have committed myself to reduce deforestation, sustain healthy forests, adoption of all mitigation measures to control environmental pollutions, imparting knowledge on modern scientific lines to protect, preserve forest and wildlife.

Director Message

Syed Hasnain Abbas

Research and development is the generation of new knowledge. In a Forest context, it is an activity that department undertake in order to develop new products, processes or services, or improve those that already exist. In order to do this, The forest department often take on risk. This is because uncertainties exist around if what we are attempting is technologically feasible, or, more commonly, don’t know how the field officers will achieve their objectives in practical terms.

When developing a new product, process or service, or refining an existing one, R&D is one of the earliest phases. Experimentation and innovation is often rife at this stage, along with risk. The R&D cycle often begins with ideation and theorising, followed by research and exploration and then into design and development.

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