Seed Testing Laboratory

Seed testing is determining the standards of a seed lot viz., physical purity, moisture, germination and ODV and thereby enabling the farming community to get quality seeds.

The Seed Testing Laboratory is the hub of seed quality control. Seed testing services are required from time to time to gain information regarding planting value of seed lots. Seed testing is possible for all those who produce, sell and use seeds.

Objective of Seed Testing

Seed testing is required to achieve the following objectives for minimizing the risks of planting low quality seeds.

1. To identify the quality problem and their probable cause.

2. To determine their quality, that is, their suitability for planting.

3. To determine the need for drying and processing and specific procedures that should be used.

4. To determine if seed meets established quality standards or labeling specifications.

5. To establish quality and provide a basis for price and consumer discrimination among lots in the market. The primary aim of the seed testing is to obtain accurate and reproducible results regarding the quality status of the seed samples submitted to the Seed Testing Laboratories.

Role of Seed Testing Laboratories

Seed testing laboratories are essential organization in seed certification and seed quality control programmes. The main objective is to serve the producer, the consumer and the seed industry by providing information on seed quality. Test results may cause rejection of poor seed multiplication or low grade seed in a count of law.

Analysis of seed in the laboratory

Seed testing is possible for all those who produce, sell and use seeds.Seed testing is highly specialized and technical job. With a view to maintain uniformity in quality control the seed analysis laboratory includes for distinct sections.

1. Section for purity testing: Purity analysis of seed lot is considered under two factors.

a) Testing the cleanliness of seed lot and.

b) Testing the geneuiness of the cultivar.

2. Section for moisture testing from the Library under regulation.

3. Section for viability, germination and section for vigour testing.

Sampling in Seed Testing Laboratory

The seed samples received in the laboratory (submitted sample) are required to be reduced to obtain working samples for carrying out various tests. A number of methods are available for obtaining working samples

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