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The aim of Library is to provide right information to the right reader at the right time. To achieve this objective of the library the Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Forest directorate established a library name as “The Central Forest Library” in the directorate of forest. It has the best collection of forest and agriculture literature in Pakistan, both in print and digital formats. The primary objective of the collection is to provide current and up-to-date scholarly and scientific literature of forest and agriculture. The library supports researchers, students, Forest officers and faculty in their study, teaching and research needs.

The library contains more than seven hundred books in print and provides online access to over 1000 electronic Books. Our collections include Books, Journals, Reports, back files of journals, educational reports, and digital collection. We also provide access to our digital collection in term of Journals, books and other resources.


Central Forst Library Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC) can be accessed form the follwing link:

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Digital Library

To access Central Forst Digtial Library click on:

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Membership and Borrowing Rules

1). The following categories of persons are allowed to draw books from the library for use at home after submitting a duly attested (by their head of the department) membership prescribed form. The application form contains a declaration of intention to obey the rules of the Library and to pay fines or charges which may be incurred in case of any violation of library rules by the applicant. Faculty members of the Forest directorate, Forest Researchers, Research Scholars and Research Assistants.

2). A card known as the Borrowers Card will be issued to each of the persons permitted to draw books from the Library under regulation 1. Such cards shall be strictly non-transferable and shall have to be presented at the counter at the time of drawing and returning books, etc.

3). Casual visitors as may obtain the special written permission of the director, will be permitted to use the Library for the purpose of reading and reference during good behaviour.


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• Online Reservation System.
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• Inter Library Loan Service.
• Photocopying / Printing Service.
• Orientation and Information Sessions.
• Selective Dissemination of Information (SDI)
Boat on Calm Water
Mountains in the Clouds
Waves at Sea

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